Cuba candy shirt / CreamCuba candy shirt / Cream
  • Lion print shirt

    The Lion print shirt worn with the Tokyo lightweight pants. The shirt has been hand printed onto a very soft cotton. It also comes in red. All of our dying processes are by hand and create a zero toxic by-product, meaning nothing horrible gets flushed into the local rivers. 

  • Good sweat

    The Good sweat (named after its good fit) paired with the Double P shorts. Both are off white and a very good combo on a sunny day. The footwear is from Spring court which are a firm favourite of ours. Lots of history behind this French brand.

    John Lennon wore a pair to his wedding. Nice

  • Cuba candy shirt

    The Cuba candy shirt worn with the Tokyo lightweight pants. The pants are a light weight cotton and would look equally as good worn at the beach with a pair of flip flops. The crutch is a bit lower than the usual chino providing a more relaxed fit and look.

  • Lion Print Shirt / Red

    This is a favourite combo. The red and cream work very well together. The Vans are a nice touch that look wicked with the Tokyo pants.